Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mini Company Competition!

4th March was the regional final of the Mini Company competition and Hair Couture were lucky enough to have gotten through to the regional final. We arrived in school in our new Hair Couture t-shirts with our hair done up, I had a cute bow in my hair. It was a hectic morning. Between getting backboards and posters and doing our make up the morning was a bit stressful! 
    When we arrived we couldn't believe it, we had no idea the competition was being held in a four star swanky hotel! It was amazing. Once we got to the presentation room we got set up. Our display looked amazing from pink balloons to giant posters and pink bon bons, everyone was complimenting our gorgeous display. 
   When it came to our turn to present our company we were so nervous. It was so scary to get up on a stage in front of  a room of people we didn't know! But thankfully we got through it and it went really well. We saw all of the other companies and some of them were really good. 
    Half way through the presentations wer got our free lunch. We went into this gorgeous room where we got loads of really nice food! 
   After the presentations the public came in and we sold a good few of our books! Unfortunately only one mini comapany gets through to the national final and we didn't get through. 
   But we had so much fun and learned a lot! It was an overall successful day!

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