Saturday, 15 September 2012

Junior Cert Results and a Night Out!

Last wednesday class cinealtas along with the rest of TY  and fellow past third years received our Junior Cert RESULTS! Arriving at school at half 12 we all joined each other in the hall for half an hour of nerves, worries and excitement.
        About 20 minutes later the envelopes made their way into the hall of awaiting nervous wrecks. The hall went silent as if every student was wishing at that moment that the enveloes would somehow disappear!
      Getting it our old class group from our Junior days at school was like a trip down memory lane. With everyone biting their nails or in my case ready to get sick at any moment, our old year head, principal and deputy principal gave us a quick talk about the results.
      Then the envelopes were given out....we you get yours it seems a lot more heavier than it should. Not after long the room was buzzing as everyone opened the results and were happy with the outcome.
     It was an amazing feeling to do well, especially after all the hard work we put in over the previous 3 years.
   With the results out of the way everyone went home to begin preparations for the night that awaited. Like Cinderella going to the ball, girls dressed in their nicest outfit and far to uncomfortable shoes made their way to Time in Naas where we danced the night away.
      With sore feet, tired eyes and tan so dark an ompa lumpa would have been jealous, class cinealtas had a relaxing work free day the next day in school!

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