Saturday, 15 September 2012

Karate moves, knickers and lipstick!

Last week, our first full week as the new class cinealtas was full of new faces, new classes and a lot of laughs. It didn't take our class long to get settled into our new weekly routine and get settled among the new classmates that we were sure would soon become our close friends.
        Our first Wednesday of complete activities was filled with laughter, positive thinking and class cinealtas roaming around room 21 with books on our heads trying to improve our bad posture and walk in a more lady-like manner. 
        To start off the day we had a workshop where we learned to view things differently and boost our confidence. A good tip that we received was that if you ever felt nervous,upset or any negative feeling, no matter where you are do a karate punch and shout HUGHH! as loud as you can and you will instantly feel better. If you ever come across a teenage girl doing this you now know why!
      Next a different setting. Our second workshop was a "Positive Party!". Not knowing what to expect when we first entered the library we soon knew it would be all laughs and fun as the co-ordinater emptied out a bag full of large boxers and knickers and we soon all had discovered a lot of different ways to wear underwear.
      Lastly we had a workshop to improve our posture, meal time manners, sitting positions, drawing our face shape inmirrors with lipstick and fake tan application. After walking around with books on our head we were in fits of can't say our posture improved as a result though!
     At the end of the day class cinealtas went home tired, happy and a lot more familiar with each. Now we can only hope that everyday will be an exciting one full of laughs!!

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