Thursday, 4 October 2012

Carlingford !! XD

Early Monday morning the TY's of St. Wolstan's were cold and tired but the excitement of the days ahead seemed to make it all worth while. 
    Leaving the Esso garage at 7 am there was a buzz about the buses as no one could imagine exactly what awaited us when we arrived in Carlingford Co. Louth. Approx an hour and a half later we arrived in the small town of Carlingford.
    Getting off the bus into the cold morning we didn't know what to expect. As we made our way to "Carlingford Adventure Centre" we took in our surroundings. As we all packed into the court outside the centre the buzz and excitement in the atmosphere was almost tangable.
     Later after having had a talk from our new instructors we all were given our room keys. Not knowing what to expect I think I can speak on behalf of all TY students that we were all surprised and over joyed that each room had a bathroom!! We all didn't have to share one bathroom!! (:
    First thing we did was canoeing.....!! We made our way down to the water. We got into extremely flattering wetsuits, life jackets and helmets. All ready to go we paired up and before long we were in a double canoe making our way to a "magical" waterfall.
    Going under the waterfall supposedly gives you 1 extra day of live. After going through the scary tunnel and standing under the freezing water I was unsure of this.
    Next we had fun in a zorb ball rolling down the hill. We  did high ropes, group activities and laser, a giant war game were we got to kill one another a dress up like soldier.
      Carlingford was a memory we will all remember.


  1. Carlingford was amazing :) what was your favourite thing we did??

  2. These types of memories are always alive in our mind.Your experience is creating a picture in my mind.Thanks for sharing your experience with us by this blog.
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