Thursday, 13 December 2012

Development Workshops!

Yesterday was our first Wednesday free after our first work experience. We had three workshops on development education. Speakers from Trocaire, Concern and Self Help Africa came to do workshops with us about their charity.
   It was really interesting to learn what the different charities do in many countries around the world. We learned how Trocaire help about 26 countries around the world. The speaker from Concern talked to us about sources and debating. We did speed debating where we had to have a debate really quickly.
   The speaker from Self Help Africa talked to us about fair trade and about how the lifestyles of people in the First World are at the expense of the people of the Third World. We learned that it take 1000 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt!
   We learned loads and the workshops definitely made us think and had an effect on us. We really enjoyed the day and I think all of us are going to be more aware when buying products, to see where they have come from.

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