Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fairytale Take Me Out!

At the moment we are all busy preparing for TY night at the end of the year. TY night is when we display all that we have done over the year to our parents. We also do some performances for example all TYs are going to sing Bastile's "Pompeii". We are also doing a snipett from our Irish play "Deirdre agus Naoise". In english class we were in groups during the year and we had to come up with alternative endings. So lately we have been trying hard to come up with a way to showcase them in a play and involve everyone. So we decided as a class that the second scene of mine and Alana's play was going to be used. So Alana and I volunteered to write the script and direct the play. We brought loads of princesses into the scene so that as many people as possible would be involoved in the play. So we wrote the script and we are busy practicing it at the moment. It is really funny and we just hope it goes well on the night.!!

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