Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gaisce Hike!

Last Friday we left school early and headed to Wicklow to do our 25 km hike for the Gaisce Presidents Award. Once we arrived in Wicklow we unpacked the bus and got started straight away. We did 10km on Friday night. It was fine for the most part however some of it was uphill and it was quite slippy. The mountain seemed to keep going on. However we finally reached the top and there was what looked like a large pile of rocks but was really an ancient burial site. We got to go in but it was very small and pitch black so we were crawling through in the dark. We then walked back down the mountain was very slippy and a lot of people fell. I hurt my ankle earlier that day so throughout the hike my foot was quite sore making the hike a lot more difficult for me. When we got back to the houses we made pizza and ate a lot of sweets. Unfortunately when we got back I checked my ankle which was badly bruised and badly swollen so I couldn't go on the rest of the hike on Saturday. I went home the next morning with one of our teachers. However we had loads of fun on Friday night it was just very unfortunate that I couldn't walk and finish the hike.

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