Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Music Night!

On Thursday night the school had its annual music night where all music classes in the school have to do a performance and some students do separate performances. As part of Transition Year we had to take part in every subject so we have music class once a week ( even though I think we should have it more than once ).
    I did music in first year like everyone else and I really liked it but I didn't keep it on because I didn't think I  would enjoy studying it and taking music seriously because I like to think that music is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. 
    Which is exactly what it is in TY. We have the time to enjoy music and expand our musical tastes. We have even learned some new instruments and songs.
   So we had been rehearsing our performance for a few weeks before the music night. But because we only had one class a week and we seemed to be constantly missing music class, as music night came nearer we were all thinking that our performance of an Ed Sheeran Medley wasn't going to be good enough to perform in front of people. We really began to doubt our performance.
    But with the help of three of the music teachers, one of which is our tutor and English teacher who we are very grateful to as she gave up countless English classes to help us practice, the songs came up to scratch and we were feeling confident that it sounded really good.
    And on the night it went really well. There was two piano players, two guitars( one of which I did my best to play ) and percussion. We really enjoyed ourselves and we think that all of the hard work paid off!

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