Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sci fest Competition.

After we held the first round of the Sci fest competition in our school we were really excited when we heard we were through to the next round. So on Friday we headed to D.I.T for a day of science. 
     We were very nervous when we heard that only one project out of 75 gets through to the national final. But we did our best and we are proud of how things went. There were many impressive and interesting projects there so we weren't expecting miracles. Sadly we didn't get through. 
   The interviews an questions went well at first it was a little scary but soon we built up our confidence and  we could clearly get our message across. ( Something we seem to have to do a lot of in TY ). 
    It was a fun experience and we learned lots. And we want to thank our teachers for helping us throughout the project. We learned so much from our topic, more than we thought! 

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